211 is an integral player in the disaster response and recovery in Pinellas County.  211 is responsible for being “in the know” on agency closures and openings to help inform Emergency Management and Pinellas County Human Services.  In the event of a hurricane, 211 will receive a tremendous increase in calls from vulnerable individuals and families that need help locating food, water, housing, etc.  211 encourages our clients to be proactive and have a plan.

Receive alerts about emergencies and other important community news by signing up for Alert Pinellas, an emergency notification service for Pinellas County, Local Municipalities, and the Sheriff’s Office. This service is FREE to our residents. It allows you to sign up to receive urgent messages on a variety of situations, such as severe weather, boil water notices, missing persons, or evacuations.

A list of emergency notifications from Pinellas County Emergency Management:

  • Mandatory evacuations
  • Hurricane information
  • Gas leak
  • Boil water orders
  • Utility notices
  • Flooding events
  • Hazard event
  • Local emergency
  • When you sign up, you choose how to receive alerts. This could be a cell phone, landline, text, email – you can enter multiple methods.
  • Enter the location that you want to receive alerts about. You can choose up to five different locations. This way, you can be alerted if there is something you need to know about in your neighborhood, job, children’s school, etc.
  • Just sign up once! This system is shared by partner agencies throughout the county, including Pinellas County Government, local municipalities, and the Sheriff’s Office.