Tax Assistance

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Make your money go further by getting your income tax return prepared for FREE during Tax Preparation Season.

Each year from January 25th – April 15th, there are dedicated volunteer income tax return preparers who will help you get the most out of your tax return. On an average, you could pay $300 for a simple completed tax return at a for-profit tax assistance center.

Are You Eligible for Tax Assistance?

Main Qualifying Factors:

  • Earned income in 2014
  • A valid Social Security number
  • No more than $3,200 in investment income
  • Joint tax-filing status, if married
  • U.S. citizenship or resident alien status for the past year (in most cases)

2014 Income guidelines for individuals:

  • $13,980 with no qualifying children
  • $36,920 with one qualifying child
  • $41,952 with two qualifying children
  • $45,060 with three or more qualifying children

2014 Income guidelines for married couples:

  • $19,190 with no qualifying children
  • $42,130 with one qualifying child
  • $47,162 with two qualifying children
  • $50,270 with three or more qualifying children

What to Bring to Your Tax Appointment


Please know that even if we did your taxes last year and the preparer remembers you, the volunteer still has to see your identification or we risk being shut down by the IRS! It’s for your protection and our tax sites will be strictly enforcing this policy.

Please bring a combination of the following:

  • Valid Picture ID for all taxpayers
  • Copy of your 2013 or most recent tax return filed (if you have it)
  • Social Security cards or ITIN letters for you, your spouse and all dependents (Note: Medicare card does not qualify even though it has your Social Security number on it)
  • Birth Dates for you, your spouse, your children and all dependents

Income Documentation

Please bring the following:

  • W-2, W-2G, 1099-R, 1099-SSA and 1099-G Forms from all employers and income sources such as unemployment or Social Security
  • Proof of income from jury duty, gambling, cash to keys – anything reported to you on form 1099-MISC
  • Documentation of any other income such as prizes, awards, scholarships, fellowships, lottery or gambling winnings

If You Itemize Your Deductions, Bring All Related Expense Documents

  • Child or dependent care expenses including the provider’s address and Federal ID#
  • Mortgage Company Statements /Mortgage Interest
  • Adoption Expenses
  • Alimony paid or received
  • Documentation from a home purchase
  • Any notices received from the IRS
  • Property tax bills
  • College tuition and student loan interest statements
  • Medical Expenses
  • Real Estate Tax Statements
  • Sales Tax Statements
  • Charitable Contributions Receipts
  • Unreimbursed Business expenses related to your job