Helping You Prepare and Recovery from An Event!

Stay Informed During Disasters

211 Tampa Bay Cares works closely with Pinellas County Emergency Management, Pinellas County Human Services, and Recover Tampa Bay, & other recovery organizations to ensure the safety our all citizens. Connect with us on Facebook & Twitter for relevant disaster information.

Disaster Planning

Preparing Your Family Emergency Kit

Click here for a Disaster Emergency Supply Checklist.

Putting Together Your Emergency Plan

Click here for a sample Family Emergency Plan.

Disaster Recovery

What to do if a storm or other emergency event threatens our area:

  • Please keep up with local news TV and radio news outlets for the latest information.
  • Make sure you and your family have enough supplies to survive.
  • Check your disaster supplies annually for expiration dates and missing supplies.
  • Have cash on hand in case power is out, but stores are open.
  • Watch for boiled water alerts. Have bottled water on hand.
  • Fill your tank with gas in case of ration shortages.
  • If you need to evacuate, leave early – do not delay.
  • Do not drive if roads are un-passable.