We’re Delighted to Be Your Community Connection!

As an employer ourselves, we know the tremendous value our people bring to our business success. We also know that from time to time they can experience personal and community crises that impact their lives and we want to be there to support them.

Program Overview

Community Connections helps expand or launch your Employee Assistance Program by building a culture of compassion. This program connects you and your employees to the complete and most up to date listing of health and human service organizations available in Pinellas and adjacent Counties.

211 Tampa Bay Cares (211 TBC) is partnering with employers across the region to be sure working families have access to the complete human service system in times of need as well as to enhance their quality of life.

Your employees, like all people, will face challenging moments. They may have a parent that needs home care, or a newborn that needs day care or perhaps a child that’s experimenting with drugs.  No matter the circumstance, you can be there for them by connecting them with the very best services our Community has to offer.

Our Goals:

  • Improve access to services for your entire employee team
  • Foster a more compassionate workplace
  • Connect employees and their families to the best available services in time of need
  • Become your “go-to” organization for information on service providers
  • Improve productivity and morale
  • Create a more connected Community

We have three packages available for your business:

  1. Basic (Essentials) a Free program
  2. Plus (Advantage) $4 per Employee/Year
  3. First Responders $4 per Employee/Year

Benefits of each package are listed below.  If you are interested in learning more about the Community Connections program, please contact, communityconnections@211tampabay.org.

Package ExpenseBasic (Essentials)Plus (Advantage)First Responders
Free$4 Per Employee/Year$4 Per Employee/Year
Provision of 211 information and referral services for the benefit of your employees and their families 24/7/365XXX
Provision of 211 crisis services for the benefit of your employees and their families 24/7/365XXX
Name and Company Logo on 211 TBC WebsiteXXX
Provision of 2 Informational  Service Advisories (ISA) for distribution to EmployeesX
Provision of 4 Information Service Advisories (ISA) for benefit of employees and their familiesXX
Recognition as New Community Connections Partner with link to business in ISA (1 time)XXX
Recognition as a Community Connections Plus Partner with Logo linked to business in ISA (4 times annually)XX
Provision of printed materials such as 211 brochures and 211 contact cards for employeesXX
Aggregate summary of services sought by employees by service category.XX
Provide onsite training regarding 211 TBC services as requestedXX
Provide 1 onsite 211 information table event per yearXX
Provide 2 tickets for the Annual National 211 Day Event &  Pinellas Community Needs Assessment Report on or about Feb. 11th each yearXX
Provide 2 copies of the annual 211 Community Needs Assessment Report to better inform employee benefit program decisions and corporate philanthropyXX

Get Involved

The Community Cares Investors Council is comprised of leaders from our community who come together to improve lives through the power of information and hope. Your investment of $2,000 and participation in the Community Cares Investor Council enables us to accomplish the following imperatives:

  1. We share proactive information and services aimed to inform and connect the Pinellas workforce with essential services, personalized support and needed relief.
  2. We analyze data collected by 211 Tampa Bay Cares regarding the supply and demand of social services in the Pinellas County and produce a Community Cares Report that outlines our findings regarding the saturation, gaps, and emerging needs facing our community.
  3. We share the Community Cares Report with workplace partners, nonprofits, and funders in the Pinellas Community in the hope that it will inform program design, delivery and funding decisions.

We honor you and your investment by providing the following sponsor benefits:

  • A seat on the Community Cares Investment Council
    • Bi-annual meeting to review, analyze and activate 211 data regarding the supply and demand of social services in Pinellas County
  • Name/Logo on 211 Community Cares Report that outlines our findings regarding the saturation, gaps, and emerging needs facing our community.
  • Recognized as an official sponsor of the Community Cares program:
    • Sponsor recognition on the quarterly Information Service Advisories (ISA)
    • Name/Logo displayed at 211 Call Center
    • Name/Logo included in the 211 newsletters
    • Name/Logo placed on the 211 website for 12-months
  • Personalized certificate recognizing your company as a Community Cares Investor
  • Video thank you from 211 CEO celebrating your investment (authorized to share publicly)