Supporting Families with Children Birth to 8 Years Old.

What is Help Me Grow?


Help Me Grow (HMG) promotes early identification of developmental, behavioral or educational concerns, then links children and families to community-based services and supports at no cost to parents and caregivers.  HMG is a free program for families with children ages birth to 8 years old to help identify health or developmental concerns in children.  Identifying concerns early, the best outcomes can be secured for children and their families.

What does Help Me Grow do?


Best practices on improving child developmental milestones. 


to assess your child's progress towards meeting milestones.


to program to help improve your child's development. 

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Help Me Grow
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The appropriated Statewide funds for Florida’s Help Me Grow were provided through the Department of Education’s Office of Early Learning and contracted to a designated fiscal agent, The Children’s Forum.

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We Can Help You Answer Questions Like...

  • I think my child may be having hearing problems. Where can I get testing?
  • How can I learn more about my child’s disability?
  • Where can I find a dentist or physician who serves children with special needs?
  • Who can help me to understand what services my child is entitled to in school?
  • Is there a support group that I can reach out to for my child’s disability?

If you are concerned about your child...

Call 211

From any phone 24 hours a day

Help Me Grow FAQ

I'm scared there is something wrong with my child or grandchild, what do I do?

Call 211 and ask for Help Me Grow. We will listen to your concerns, provide you emotional support, and help you develop some next steps to address your concerns. HMG will help you on your journey the best way we can. We may be able to provide you a developmental screening to better understand your concerns.

Can grandparents or non-custodial guardians call HMG?

Yes. HMG is open to anyone with concerns about a minor child. HMG can provide referrals and information to anyone. If you are not the custodial parent or caregiver, HMG can not provide you a developmental screening.

Do I need a referral from HMG to get a child care voucher?

No. You do not need a referral from HMG to get a child care voucher. However, HMG can help guide you through the process.

Can HMG help me get on or as a priority on the child care waitlist?

No. Help Me Grow has no impact on the Early Learning Coalition waitlists.

Can HMG help us to get services quicker?

HMG can not affect another organization's program eligibility or waitlist. HMG will work with a caregiver on completing a free developmental screening. Also, HMG can assist you to find additional resources that may be able to help your family.