Supporting First Responders and Their Families

First responders are the first ones to run towards a crisis or disaster, but often the last to reach out for help or assistance when they are struggling. 1-866-435-4376 provides confidential emotional support and resources to first responders and their families. 2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares will be one of the organizations providing services to support this population.

Why is this service needed? First responders are more likely to die by suicide than in the line of duty. Everyday first responders witness traumatic events and then return to their homes without the opportunity to decompress from their workday. Years of these experiences can leave a lasting impact that doesn’t go away even when they retire. The HERO Line will provide confidential support and resources for whatever issue is weighing on them.

To learn more about the HERO Line, visit:

How do I reach the HERO Line?

Call 1-866-435-4376

Tips for Disaster Responders: Understanding Compassion Fatigue (pdf)

No one who witnesses a disaster is untouched by it, and first responders are uniquely impacted. Hurricane Ian has been one of most aggressive and destructive hurricanes on record in our state's history. It is crucial that we prioritize the mental health consequences of our first responders by bringing awareness and providing resources to improve their mental health and wellness.