Helping you navigate the homeless system.

What is the Homeless Helpline?

211 Tampa Bay Cares has partnered with the Homeless Leadership Alliance to create the Homeless Helpline. The Homeless Helpline is staffed with highly trained homeless experts knowledgeable about the homeless system. They work to understand the many ways to get anyone back into housing.


You will be referred to the Homeless Helpline Care Coordinators if you are:

  • literally homeless - on the street, in a car, or in an unhabitable place, have just fled or is planning to flee domestic violence.
  • imminent risk of homelessness - have an eviction filed in court right now,
  • at risk of homelessness - temporarily staying with family or friends or several months behind on your rent.

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How do I contact the Homeless Helpline?

Call 211

from any phone 24 hours a day 

Where can I get more information about housing?